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Transformation Through Ethical Leadership

A certificate program designed for Executive and Middle Management Leadership

Transformation Through Ethical Leadership is designed to help non-profit sector leaders address the many ethical and values based dilemmas that they face daily. This program will help non-profit leaders to:

  • Respond effectively to ethical dilemmas
  • Handle disagreement in values with internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop confidence and courage in reaching out to those who fund your organization
  • Advance public policy positions to government and community
  • develop skills as a value based leader

Transformation Through Ethical Leadership enhances participants’ understanding of how people integrate emotions and reason to make ethical decisions and lead effectively in ambiguous or uncertain situations.

Participants learn a framework for resolving the ethical and leadership problems that arise in professional, business and personal situations; engage in practices to develop self-knowledge, skills to overcome personal biases and manage implicit and explicit social power dynamics.

Participants will be able to more readily find solutions to ethical dilemmas. Activities and exercises to develop self-based and ethical knowledge to deal with current and future personal, professional ethical decisions are included.

Learn the self-knowledge that is critical to leadership and ethical decision-making in the 21st Century.

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The course is taught by Tom Culham, Ph.D. An education professional with experience researching, teaching and managing in a post-secondary business environment, Tom’s 30-year career also includes senior business leadership roles as an engineer, vice president, and manufacturing executive. He has taught Executive Management at UBC and Ethics in SFU’s MBA program and has published a book Ethics Education of Business Leaders, which has been featured in the National Post.


The Business Case for Sustainability

We’re thrilled to continue our series of talks on ethics and sustainability in business this fall, with our 5th presentation featuring Mark Pezarro, President of Earthvoice Strategies, on The Sustainability Shift: The Business Case for Sustainability.

The Sustainability Series is presented in partnership with our Bachelor of Management (BAM) undergrad degree completion program, which focuses on socially and environmentally responsible management. The BAM program as an extension of our values and community approach already ingrained in our successful Master of Education and Master of Counselling programs. The Sustainability Series further supports that approach.

The business case for sustainability will be explored building on Bob Willard’s seminal work in this area. Bob Willard is a former senior executive with IBM Canada who has conducted extensive research on the top and bottom line advantages of adopting sustainable business practices. He is the author of a number of books on the subject.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 6:00 PM

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This seminar is lead by Dr. Mark Pezarro.? He is the president of Earthvoice Strategies, a sustainability consultancy specializing in business case development and financial modelling for sustainability initiatives. Prior to founding Earthvoice Strategies he held senior leadership roles at TELUS, Shaw Communications and COGECO. Mark is a past Chair of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Sustainability Committee.


Trauma-Informed Somatic Practice Certificate Course with Dr. Sharon Stanley

For mental health professionals or graduate students working?with adults, teens, and children who have experienced trauma

The concept of trauma refers to the?bodily-based response?to overwhelming events. These reactions lie deeply in the primitive brain and are not easily shifted with logic and thoughts, it is necessary to directly access the dysregulated neural state to resolve the distress from trauma. This course will address the research theories and practices that support mental health clinicians including the Polyvagal Theory (Porges) and Regulation and Attachment Theories (Schore).

Over three days, we will learn to regulate the autonomic nervous system by exploring the utilization of six fundamental practices for healing trauma including: embodiment, somatic awareness, somatic empathy, somatic inquiry, a range of somatic interventions and somatic reflection.

  • Monday, July 22, 2019 – Wednesday, July 24, 2019? / 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • CityU Canada, 310 – 789 West Pender Street, Vancouver
  • $549* per person / $499* per person for groups of three or more

*All proceeds from this Certificate Course provide funding for CityU’s Community Counselling Clinics in Vancouver and
Vancouver Island. In partnership with not-for-profit social service agencies, the CityU Community Counselling Clinics provide?no fee, low barrier counselling services to those in need.

The certificate course is taught by?Dr. Sharon Stanley, a psychotherapist, educator and writer who has integrated a number of somatic practices for healing trauma into an elegant, cohesive, relational and phenomenological model of psychotherapy, Somatic Transformation. At the core of Somatic Transformation is the practice of feeling into another’s inner world; a bodily based attunement, connectivity and inquiry that animates the intersubjective field and guides the use of somatic interventions and reflection. Sharon has taught this model to hundreds of practitioners over the past 20 years. Sharon continues to explore somatic ways of knowing, relating and psychological processing from a phenomenological perspective through the lenses of her own clinical practice, neuroscience and nature-based practices. In addition to her in-depth courses for practicing psychotherapists, Sharon has worked extensively with First Nations people in Canada, studied Afro-Brazilian practices of healing the residue of the trauma of slavery in Brazil and teaches professionals on Bainbridge Island. In 2016, Routledge published her book:?Relational and Body-Centered Practices for Healing Trauma: Lifting the Burdens of the Past. (2016) Routledge.????

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